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Android aps

Anyone find any cool Android aps lately? I figured we could have a thread to share info.

A friend recently told me about Fing:

A free ap for initial network discovery/analysis.

BTW, tfake, what was the name of that electronics info ap you told me about last meeting? I meant to pull it in but we all got distracted.

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As I mentioned at the last

As I mentioned at the last meeting, I've been working on learning about electronics in more depth. To that end, I've found this circuit simulation app. The free version has a tiny sandbox to work in but it's OK for very simple things. I'm probably going to buy the full version once I've paid back this debt I took out against my new car fund.

There's also a similar electronics demonstration website, which I guess is pretty popular.

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The app that I mentioned at

The app that I mentioned at the meeting was ElectroDroid. Other apps that might be handy: Net Swiss Tool, PacketSniffer, Orbot, Network Discovery, Penetrate, Scanner Radio, SSHDroid, ToneExtractor, wardrive, WiGle WiFi Wardriving,

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