Help w/ Claritan-D Promo Display

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Help w/ Claritan-D Promo Display

My buddy snagged this from a drugstore when they went to throw it away. I haven't been able to find much information on it. There are quite a few connectors and such on the board. It also looks like there are many locations where additional SMDs could be added. I would guess that the manufacturer made this display to be flexible so it could be tailored to company's particular needs.

From what I can see it is powered by 12v, has a volume control, a speaker output connector, USB-A, USB-B mini, and SD slot.

I powered it up and connected it to the computer via USB-B mini and it mounted a ~111MB partition with 4 avi files (one being the Claritan-D promo video and three that are just a few seconds of black screen). The video was triggered by a momentary push-button that connected to the board.

Anyone have any ideas how to discover the full capabilities of this and its potential to be hacked/interfaced with a microcontroller or something?

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The AML10DP chip appears to

The AML6210DP chip appears to be commonly used in digital picture frames. Here is a manual that I found for it:

Here is the pinout for the chip: I noticed a spot for some headers on the board and, according to the pinout, the chip has JTAG, so this could be useful.
I don't know how safe that PDF is. I dl'ed it and nothing happened but that doesn't mean anything so caution is advised.

Here is a link to someone who started playing with a digital picture frame with a similar chip:

This person indicates the type of compiler used for the chip.

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