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  1. LINUX


      1. The Linux Cross Reference


      1. Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition

      1. Kernel Hacking

    1. Assembly Language for the x86

      1. x86 Assembly Guide

        The basics

      2. x86 Assembly

        Everybody loves the WikiBooks

    2. MIPS Assembly Language

      1. MIPS Assembly Language WikiBook
    3. Assembly for Microcontrollers

      1. Assembly Language for the MSP430 Tutorial

    4. The C Language

      1. C Programming Tutorial (K&R version 4)

  3. Raspberry Pi

    1. Raspberry Pi Hub

      This page has many tutorials covering many topics including using the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins and using the Raspberry Pi like an Arduino.

    2. The Bike Pi

      For those do-it-yourselfers who want to turn their ordinary bike into a luxury bike with the Raspberry Pi (with a nod to Indigo)

    3. Baking Pi

      Creating your own Raspberry Pi OS

    4. The Raspberry Pi Manual

      Thanks goes to NYBill and the CDLUG Mailing List

  4. TI Microcontrollers

    1. MSP430

      1. How to Write C ISRs

        A brief example of how to write an Interrupt Service Request for the MSP430 using the #pragma format understood by msp430-gcc. This particular example is for an input on port 2, but it can be adapted for others kinds of interrupts, too.

      2. MSP430 Launchpad Demo Program

        A somewhat more detailed breakdown of the MSP430 example programs. Includes minimal examples of many features including the timer subsystem, interrupts, and the temperature sensor. Unfortunately, the examples are for the slightly older MSP430g2231 and the ISRs are not given in the #pragma format used by msp430-gcc, so some tweaking might be required.

      3. MSP430 Timers and PWM

        A very detailed and somewhat technical overview of the various timers available on the MSP430. Timers are a vital part of programming the MSP430 so as to take advantage of its extremely low power consumption while sleeping.

      4. Minimal MSP430 Hardware UART Example

        This example demonstrates the bare minimal code required to use the hardware UART on the MSP430g2553 value line series that comes with the current MSP430 Launchpad. It's relatively simple to understand and uses an ISR to listen for the UART's RX interrupt instead of busy spinning. The ISR even has gcc's #pragma syntax conveniently included but commented out; just uncomment it if you need it.

      5. Flip-Flop MSP430 Tutorials

        A bunch of extremely interesting and useful tutorials for the MSP430. Includes how to connect a CC1101 radio transceiver via SPI and a basic overview of watchdog timer interrupt handling. A lot of programs switch off the watchdog as soon as they start, but even if you're not looking for an actual watchdog timer, it can still be very useful to debounce buttons, for example.

  5. Robots

    1. Society of Robots

      Great tutorials for building robots that include parts lists and places to buy parts.


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