Why Clumsy Bird Game is So Famous These Days ?

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Why Clumsy Bird Game is So Famous These Days ?

Clumsy Bird is flying game that takes place in a very retro world of Flappy Bird. It’s all concerning serving to the bird fly an explicit distance and avoiding all obstacles throughout the flappy flight. You ought to play the sport for top scores and appearance to beat your best scores whenever you replay it. Clumsy Bird could be a retro version of Flappy Bird.This is associate amazing game for iOS/Android sort of a twin of play flappy bird online game. The sport is lots and extremely downloaded within the last days. Clumsy Bird Hack Tool can offer you indomitably, unlimited crystals, infinite score; ads removed conjointly all trees removed. It’s an intrinsic Anti-Ban system and proxy for account safety, no root or goal breaks. It had been created by our talented team, once long days of enjoying the sport. It’s very easy to use and amusing for all. You don’t regret it as a result of it conjointly exercises your brain, creating you lots calmer. The full journey is breathing taking and lingering. Thus apprehend currently and luxuriate in enjoying it! http://clumsybird.co.uk/

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Normally I would delete this

Normally I would delete this kind of spam, but we use rel="nofollow" and other measures so it's relatively harmless and this is a topic I actually have some interest in.

Among mindless game clones, the "Flappy Bird" genre really does seem to have disproportionate representation. Especially for what the game is-- maybe it's just me, but I don't find it to be that interesting. Ouya even created a category for these games on their shop because they're so prolific. And Dorkly released a spoof of Indie Game: The Movie about them.

So what's up with flappy games? I don't know. I just don't know.

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