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Meeting Recap

We had a good turnout, relatively speaking, for last nights meeting. At its height we had five people in attendance. We were at Starbucks for an hour and then decided to relocate to Borders because Starbucks was getting a little crowded and we didn't have enough chairs for everybody. We've decided to change the location of next months meeting to Borders because of space issues.

All in attendance seemed to have a good time. Thanks to all who attended and hope to see you next month, if not before.


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I wanted to remind everyone that this Friday is our second 2600 meeting. We will be at Starbucks in Crossgates Mall, upper level near the Best Buy. We will be there from 5pm to 8pm unless it gets crowded and we need to relocate. You can find my email address and phone number in one of the previous posts in case you can't find us.

I hope to see a lot of people there.


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A Few Announcements

First, I want to let everyone know that these meetings are for you . Consequently, if you have an interesting idea for a talk, project, or any other activity that you think would be of interest to the group, please don't hesitate to contact us through the comments sections on these pages or 2600albany[at]gm**l; replace ** with ai.

I also wanted to inform everybody that the July 1 meeting has now been listed on the WAMC calendar.

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July 1 2600 meeting

I wanted to let everyone know that the July 1 meeting is still on and will be at Starbucks in Crossgates Mall. I've submitted the event to the WAMC calendar. Hopefully it will be accepted and posted. I'm also designing a poster that will be posted at locations around the Albany area.

As I am sure you have noticed, to the right are some rss feeds that might be of interest to you.

I hope to see everybody there.


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June 3 meeting

Last night was our first 2600 meeting. Two people were present. We discussed the best places to advertise for next months meeting. We now have a domain name registered and are looking into hosting. We've decided to keep the meeting spot at Starbucks in Crossgates Mall, at least for the July meeting.

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Meeting Hopes

I have two hopes for these meetings:

I want them to be a free exchange of information, whatever that information might be. The 2600 meeting that I attended,, didn't have a set topic and, from what I understand, this is the norm. We discussed anything that was technology related.

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Welcome to the home of the Albany 2600 meetings.

2600 Meetings will begin on June 3, 2011. We will meet at Starbucks in Crossgates Mall, upper level in Albany NY.

Stay tuned for more to come.

--Tim Fake



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