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Biweekly Meeting Reminder

Don't forget about our meeting today at 6pm at Starbucks; 1244 Western Ave. I know this reminder is a little late but better late than never.

See you there.


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Monthly Meeting Recap

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who attended this months meeting. We had 7 people in attendance, a record so far. Lets keep it going. One of the important things that we discussed is acquiring our own hackerspace. I've been in touch with somebody from the University at Albany who has graciously taken it upon himself to find out if we can use one of the Computer Science labs.

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What is Hacking?

Over the last several issues of 2600 Magazine, they've had articles on what hacking means. I thought that this would be a great topic for the group. I will start with a description of what I think hacking is and I hope that either through comments here, on this blog, or on the Facebook group page; people will share their views one what hacking is.

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Reminder of Tomorrows Meeting

I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is our official monthly meeting of 2600 from 5pm to whenever we decide to leave. I will be arriving at 3:30 or 4pm, depending on how fast the bus can get me from work to the Starbucks (at 1244 Western Ave, Albany, NY), to reserve seating so, if you are around, stop on by. I will be the one wearing the 2600 shirt. There will also be 2600 signs on the tables so that you can find us.

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First Biweekly meeting recap and other news


This past Sunday was our first biweekly meeting. There were three of us in attendance. We discussed several interesting group projects that we will be working on in the future. These topics will be discussed in a future post.

In other news, we now have a meetup page:

Hopefully this will increase our exposure and the number of members attending our meetings.

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Last Friday's Meeting Recap

Last Friday was our third monthly meeting. There were four in attendance. A good time was had by all. We discussed future project ideas and the best place to hold our meetings now that Borders is nomore. We've decided on moving them to the Starbucks at 1244 Western Ave, Albany. For directions:

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Sitting on bench outside of borders

If you are here early come on by

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Borders Closing

Apparently Borders is now closing its doors. Rest assured, we will still be meeting there tomorrow, however since there aren't any places to sit, we will probably be relocating. If you can't find us when you arrive at Borders you can contact me at 518-810-6942 or Chris at 518-364-two 7 nine 7. I will be arriving early, 4ish.

See you all tomorrow,


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August 5th Meeting and possible discussion topic

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for being incommunicado for quite some time, I have been busy starting my dual degree in bioethics; which I mention; not just for an excuse for my lack of posting, because it will play a role later in the post.

First I want to remind everyone that are meeting is coming up in less than two weeks time and I look forward to seeing everybody there.

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August 5th meeting

I have now posted the August 5th meeting on our Facebook page. As mentioned in a previous post, we will be meeting at Borders this time instead of Starbucks. It will be at 5pm. I didn't put an end time this time because we went past the end time listed last time; so it is 5pm to whenever we decide to leave.

You can contact Chris at 518.364.2797 and chrismazzei[at]gm**


Me at email: 2600albany[at]gm** [fill in the ** with ai], or my phone number: 518-810-6942.

I hope to see everybody there.



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