Albany 2600

Welcome to Albany 2600! We are a new and growing chapter of 2600 local to the New York state capital region. We follow standard 2600 meeting procedures and normally meet the first Friday of every month at 6:00 PM, typically at the Starbucks at 1244 Western Ave. near Crossgates.

The forums are the focal point of the website right now. Click on "Forums" on the sidebar to check them out.

The forums are pretty simple. Just some things to keep in mind:

  • This forum uses BBCode for formatting. You can find more information by clicking "More information about text formats" below the posting text area.
  • This forum does not provide any image hosting. We recommend for simple image hosting, but obviously you can use whatever you prefer and display the images inline using the [img] tag.

We also have an IRC chat room, #nycap2600, on port 6697 with TLS ON. You can alternatively access it through a Java applet on our website via the Chat Room link on the sidebar.